Farmhouse Home Delivery for UT Austin

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Farmhouse Delivery took over the administration of the Farm-to-Work program in November 2019. Farmhouse Delivery is a local agency dedicated to sharing the best of Texas products to customers wherever they are. 

The Farm to Work program has evolved.  You can now receive groceries straight from the farm to your house with a 10% discount on anything you order.  Farmhouse is supporting the same Farm to Work farmers and about 50 more plus Texas ranchers and food artisans.  

Enter coupon code UT for a waived reusable packaging fee and 10% off anything you order.  Free delivery when you order at least $50 worth of food. Farmhouse has a ton of great meal solutions and prepared meals as well!  

Get Started Now

1. Go to

2. Click on the red ’Sign Up’ button on the far right.

3. Enter your information to set up an account.  Use coupon code UT for 10% off anything you order.

4. Go under 'upcoming deliveries’ and click on the date you wish to start.

5. Shop through the market and add products to your cart.

6. Produce Boxes & Meal Kits are flexible subscription items.

7. Order anything you like with a-la-carte ordering - minimum of $50.

8. Free delivery when you order $50 or more.

9. Questions?