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Weekly Yoga with Callie 

Wednesday: Foundational Vinyasa Yoga | 12 pm to 1 pm Foundation Vinyasa Yoga is an approachable class for beginners or anyone wanting to improve their alignment in various yoga postures. This class features several verbal cues to assist you with improving muscle memory so that you can build your yoga practice on a solid foundation.

Thursday: Function Movement Yoga & Yin | 12 pm to 1pm ** Hosted on September 14th & 28th ONLY**

Functional movement yoga features approachable postures done in repetition to increase strength and flexibility for mobility both on and off of your mat. Expect to start class with a challenge and then end with long holds in restorative Yin postures that aid in relaxation.

Friday: Vinyasa Yoga | 12 pm to 1 pm Vinyasa is a series of sequenced poses that seamlessly flow together. You'll experience foundational postures and creative variations that strengthen, open, and restore your body and mind. In addition, this class incorporates a longer warm-up and cool-down to deliver a well-rounded and total body experience.

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Callie is passionate about creating meaningful experiences. She teaches lighthearted and accessible flow-based yoga classes. Her intention as a teacher is to inspire you to honor where you are in your life and yoga practice while encouraging you to challenge yourself, find the opportunity for growth, and have fun! 

Our wellness classes are FREE to attend. Join us virtually to combat stress while providing motivation and inspiration to keep us all physically and mentally fit. 

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