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Financial Wellness

Be Prepared When Life Happens

Being ready for the unexpected is possible. Discover tips and direction on what you can do now to prepare for life's surprises.

Understand Your Protection Needs

When it comes to having the protection you need, a simple plan to help you make informed decisions is essential. Strengthen the financial security of those you love today.

Helping You Balance It All

You work hard for your money. Your income is precious and what you do with it counts. Live within your means today and save for tomorrow.

Picture and Achieve Your Future Retirement

Whether retirement for you is soon or later, good things take time. Take charge of your financial future and start planning today.

Physical Wellness

HealthPoint Virtual Fitness Classes

Browse through our collection of fitness classes; to access these videos on Vimeo, choose the class you would like to watch and input the password "healthpoint"

Farmhouse Delivery

Learn more about Farmhouse Delivery

Sleep FIT

Watch the Fitness Institute of Texas provide strategies for better sleep

Mood, Food & Groove

Learn more about the 8-week series that explores the mind-body connection and behavioral methods to manage your mood

Mental Wellness

Managing Emotions as an Essential Worker

Learn more about identifying feelings and developing coping skills

The Victims Advocate Network Informational Presentation

The Victims Advocate Network (VAN) is a cadre of UT faculty and staff who volunteer to provide immediate support to any person (student, staff, or visitor,) in our community who receives a response from UTPD officers following a crime or distressing event. Watch the informational video they have provided to learn more about the group

Stress and Anxiety Management

See what the Fitness Institute of Texas has to say about stress management

Health Demos

LifeCare Demo

Learn more about LifeCare and the services they offer

Livongo Demo

Learn more about Livongo, a digital tool that lets you manage your hypertension and/or diabetes with the help of a certified coach

Hinge Health Demo

Hinge Health is a back and joint pain care program based on proven guidelines and conveniently delivered digitally

Omada Demo

Omada is an online program that provides individuals with the digital tools and support to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle

MDLive Demo

Learn more about MDLive and what they have to offer

Benefits Overview with Steven Blackwell

Learn more about the benefits available to you

Meet and Greets

Alpaca Meet & Greet 7/21

Meet and learn more about alpacas!

Alpaca Meet & Greet 7/23

Meet and learn more about alpacas!

Divine Canines

Meet two Japanese Spitz pups and learn more about them!